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KeeperQR - 18 Pack - Lost & Found smart QR code stickers

KeeperQR - 18 Pack - Lost & Found smart QR code stickers

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KeeperQR are smart QR code stickers you can put on your personal belongings, like your water bottle, a notebook, a laptop, musical instrument, athletic equipment, and more. Then if they are ever lost anyone with a smart phone who finds it can simply scan the QR code and send you a text message or email to let you know they've found your valuable. KeeperQR sticker are part of the KickQR smart QR code sticker system, so you can easily buy more stickers that help around the house in other ways. There is no subscription required and no app to download. It just works.

About this item

  • KeeperQR stickers are easy as "1, 2, 3" to setup and manage. Step 1: Apply the sticker to your valuable. Step 2: Scan the sticker to activate it. Step 3: Add your preferred mode of contact if your valuable is ever lost and scanned.
  • KeeperQR stickers are waterproof, scratchproof, and temperature resistant so they are easy to see and tell whoever finds your valuables to "Scan if Found." You choose how people reach out to you (text message or email).
  • KeeperQR is part of the KickQR family of smart QR code stickers. You can easily add to your system at any time with only one account to manage.
  • No subscription is ever required. No app to download. It just works with your smartphone's camera and browser.
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