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KickQR Starter Pack - Assorted KickQR Stickers

KickQR Starter Pack - Assorted KickQR Stickers

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Our Starter Pack is also our most popular! Get started with 18 KickQR smart QR codes that solve problems for the entire household. Inside every Starter Pack is:

  • 8 OrganizerQR Stickers (polyester, permanent) – These stickers are our most flexible. Perfect for keeping notes or keeping track of what's inside your storage boxes. Unlimited photo uploads on each sticker.

  • 4 KeeperQR™ Stickers (polyester, permanent) - Ever lose a water bottle? A pair of headphones? Put these stickers on your valuables and help them find their way home.

  • 4 ReminderQR™ Stickers (vinyl, removable) – Place these stickers anywhere you need to be reminded of anything. Perfect for air and water filters.

  • 1 BreakerQR™ Stickers (vinyl, removable) – This sticker keeps your electrical panel organized and up to date. Stop scratching out your paper labels.

  • 1 QuickLinkQR™ Stickers (vinyl, removable) – These stickers let you easily link to any webpage or file. Get click metrics and update the link any time.

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